SAFe CoPilot
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Intuitive Chat Interface

With a simple chat interface, users can enter their prompt however they want and receive a great answer. Compared to other methods of accessing SAFe® material, SAFe CoPilot does not require the user to know the correct SAFe terms or concepts. They simply type in what they can recall and receive a complete SAFe answer.

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Powered by the SAFe Knowledge Base

SAFe CoPilot leverages exclusive deep SAFe knowledge, including articles, courses, videos, e-learning, blogs, and more. This expert-created content ensures the best answers to SAFe questions, and testing shows SAFe CoPilot does significantly better than other digital chat agents at answering SAFe questions. Answers also include images to make complex concepts clear.

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Gain Trust with Cited Answers

With each SAFe CoPilot answer, users receive a list of sources to verify the answers they receive and expand their SAFe learning.